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Important Tips

1.App Signer is exclusive to VIP and the IPA can be signed only after purchasing Panda's VIP.

2.The expiration time of App Signer depends on the Panda's VIP . If the VIP expires, you need to re-purchase the VIP to use.

3.App signer only signs one IPA at a time.

4.App Signer only supports the signature service,as app installation and usage issues are not refundable.

5.Panda cannot sign encrypted IPA downloaded from the App Store and currently only supports iOS 11.0,12.0 and 13.0.

If you have any problem, please contact us by Email (

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Installation guide


iOS12.2.0+ Install Profile Guide

Install Now

Install Guide

1.Click on “Install profile”

Install profile

2.The pops up the window,click “Allow”

3.The pops up the window,click “Done”

4.Click on “Open Setting”,find the“PandaHelp”

Open Setting

5.Install the“PandaHelp”profile

6.Back to this website,click on “Pay now”


Reinstall the description file to obtain equipment information and purchase.



Abnormal payment

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Abnormal payment

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