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[Recommended model]
IPhone 5 or later / iPad (third generation) or more
※ iPhone 4 is not supported. Please be sure to check the corresponding model listed at the bottom of the explanation and download it.

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By downloading again in the Wi-Fi communication environment
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Adventure over litho "Dragon Quest VII Eden's Warriors" Appears on Smartphones!
Open up the path to unlock the mystery of the lithography world and go!

The application is completely lost!
There is no additional charge after downloading.
In the case of
◆ Prologue
One of only one floating in the vast ocean, Grand Essado island.
There was an old ruin called "forbidden land".
One day, the boy who lives in a port town fishbell and the prince of Grand Olestad Kiefa stepped into the ruins from curiosity, and it is skipped by an unknown land with the power of a strange lithograph discovered there. While traveling the land indicated by the lithograph scattered around the world, the boys awaken the memories of the world sealed by the lithograph and regain the true appearance of the world.

◆ Features of the game
· Unique fellows who share adventure trips
Strong prince "Keefa" with a naughty
My favorite childhood friend, tomboy "Maribel"
A wild child full of energy who is always with a wolf "Gabo"
Legendary hero "Melvin" said to have fought with the devil with God that long ago
A woman who is blessed with the talent's blood, dancing and sword talent "Islay"
Along with them, open up the path to unravel the mystery of the lithography world and go!

· Collect lithographs and make it to the new world!
The world is spreading by using "Lithograph" available in the middle of adventure. Combining the collected lithographs like a puzzle, you can set off on a new world.

· Variety of rich occupations!
Advancing the story will make it possible for the character to change jobs at the place called "Dema Temple". When you change your career, your basic ability will change, and you will remember various special skills that match your occupation!

· Numerous mysteries interspersed with dungeons!
In the world of lithography, we will promote adventure by unraveling the mystery set in the dungeon as well as the battle. Repeat trial and error, open the way to go!




Category Games
Languages Japanese
Update 2017/03/28
Developer SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.
Compatibility Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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