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1.“Super Certificate” is one of the few certificates currently available. It may be more stable than common certificates and it works on iOS 13 or above without crashing unless revoked by Apple,but due Apple restrictions,we still CANNOT guarantee the valid date of the certificate.

2.The above purchase item is independent from VIP qualification. (Your VIP valid date won’t be increased or decreased from this service)

3.It's a one-time virtual service and we cannot provide refund service. Once you paid, we’ll regard you agree this.

4.Due to the network or payment system issue, it may cause order delay. Please DO NOT submit the order repeatedly.

5.Other questions related please contact us by Email (


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Installation guide


iOS12.2.0+ Install Profile Guide

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Install Guide

1.Click on “Install profile”

Install profile

2.The pops up the window,click “Allow”

3.The pops up the window,click “Done”

4.Click on “Open Setting”,find the“PandaHelp”

Open Setting

5.Install the“PandaHelp”profile

6.Back to this website,click on “Pay now”


Reinstall the description file to obtain equipment information and purchase.



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