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Installation guide


iOS12.2.0+ Install Profile Guide

Install Now

Important Notice

We hope that you can take 1 minute to read it,
it can help you make better use of Panda Helper.

1.Click on “Install”
Then Panda Helper appears on homescreen

2.Go back to the homescreen and confirm that Panda Helper has been installed successfully

3.Click on “Click to trust”(If the system pops up the windows,click “Allow”)

Click to trust

4.Find the enterprise developer certificate

How to find the certificate >>

5.Click the certificate and click on "Trust"

6.Congratulations!You have read over the guide!


Got it

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You can buy VIP to get Super Certificate, or you can use the web version.

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For iOS 13.3 and above, installing the regular app with a common certificate may crash or fail to install.
Buy VIP to get super certificate, it can work on iOS 13.3 and above.Or you can use the web version.

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