IPA Elves

IPA Elves Features

IPA Elves is a tool to configure additional feature aids for apps in the App Store.

Speeder: Control the speed of game and can accelerate or decelerate;

AutoClicker: Set position for automatic clicking;

Auto Touch: Record gestures and execute them automatically;

Cheat Engine: Modifying game local data;

App Clone: Three identical apps can exist on your device at the same time

Video Tutorial

How to use it?

1. Get the App link from the App Store;

2. After filling in the app link, select the function you want to load:

3. Fill out the device's UDID and the member has a heat bonus;

4. You can share it with some like-minded friends and turn up the heat on the app!

Get the iTunes link

1. Click the Share button in the App Store app details page
2. In the pop-up window, tap "Copy link".