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Free Download Tweaks, Mods, and Hacked Games on iOS and Android APK

The Most Popular 3rd-Party App Store on iOS and Android without Jailbreak or Apple ID

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Free version: Download the most popular iOS and Android hacked apps & games - Panda Helper

Free version: Safe and free 3rd-party App Store - Panda Helper

Download and install apps for free

The free version of Panda Helper offers massive content of Tweaked Apps and Hacked Games for iOS and Android users. You can find the most popular iOS and Android hacked apps that cannot found in Apple’s AppStore and Googleplay, just as Pokemon Go, Youtube, Minecraft, etc., and you can download and install them for free!

Stable, safe, and trustworthy

Whether free version or VIP version, Panda Helper is safe to use. Jailbreak? No Need! Apple ID? No Need! Root? No Need! All You need to do is tap and download! Easy to install and no data security risks.

Game tools to meet your various needs

With Game Tools, you don't have to be a Pro Gamer to rank higher and get more lives, gold, money, coins. No additional specific skills are required with the help of these game enhancer.

Multi-lingual customer service, solve problems in timely

Approved and loved by thousands of customers. Ask any questions to our customer support team, who is happy to talk to you, or Access FAQ.

The difference between free version and VIP version

1.The free version is available on both app and web, the VIP version is only available on app.

2.The VIP version has some exclusive apps that the free version does not.

3.The VIP version uses the more stable certificate called super certificate, and the free version uses the common certificate.

4.The VIP version includes exclusive functions just as Cheat Engine, Cloud Save and App Cloner.

Free version of Panda Helper troubleshooting

How to download Panda Helper free version?

How to download and install apps from Panda Helper free version?

How to update the apps installed by Panda Helper?

How to do if Panda Helper cannot work?

How to do if apps installed by Panda Helper cannot work?

Other questions.

An amazing family of Game Tools for every need(Free Trial)

Panda Bots

Automatic bots & run without jailbreak !

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